ZEISS equipped Performance Eyewear for the aviation community

Aviation eyewear engineered by ZEISS with the performance of polarization without dimming of aviation electronics

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FrontSight HD Polarized lenses by ZEISS

With 80% greater visual contrast over standard polarized eyewear, these anti-fog lightweight aviation glasses are engineered by ZEISS to provide polarized performance without dimming aviation screens or creating dark cockpit environments.

Breakthrough Polarization Technology by ZEISS - Engineered to not dim electronic screens  

Lightweight frames designed for all day comfort and engineered for comfort under headsets


Premium ANSI Z87.1 impact Protection ensures your eyes are protected in all environments

ZEISS Anti-Fog coatings for unparalled quality


Engineered For Aviatiors That Won't Accept Less

  • Breakthrough Polarization Technology by ZEISS
  • Won't Darken Cockpit Screens
  • Precision Lens Manufacturing 

With 70% greater optical clarity over standard eyewear, these anti-fog lightweight aviation glasses were created for the tactical community that won’t settle for less.

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