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Friends of FortKnight Optics

MOn our 'Friends of FortKnight Optics' page, we're excited to show off the great folks we partner with. These are the companies and brands that share our love for making quality gear for folks like you who care about protecting their families and communities. Here, you'll find out about the cool stuff we're working on together and the stories behind our collaborations. It's all about bringing together the best minds and gear to help you stay sharp and ready for whatever comes your way.So, take a look around and get to know the Friends of FortKnight Optics. They're the kind of folks who, like you, are all about being prepared and making sure you've got the tools you need to keep your loved ones safe.

Charlie Mike Protective Services


Charlie Mike Protective Services are absolute legends in their field. If you need a corporate security company specializing corporate security, construction site security, asset protection, and investigations in Nevada, Arizona, and/or Colorado - You won't find a better group of guys.  These guys eat sleep and breathe this stuff - And we wouldn't trust our friends and family to anyone else.

Check them out at: www.charliemikeprotection.com

Silvercore Outdoors

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Silvercore Outdoors is Canada’s premier safety training & outdoor education provider - They have been providing the skills and knowledge necessary to be confident and proficient in the outdoors for over 20 years.

It is their mission to help you develop the skills necessary for outdoor proficiency. Not to be bigger, stronger, or faster, but rather to be more capable and confident. Not just to know, but to grow. And not merely to survive, but to truly thrive.

If you want to be more competent and confident on all our adventures outdoors, look no further than silvercore.ca



The world’s best protective cases, NANUK guards your critical equipment so you can successfully carry out your mission.

Rifle cases, pistol cases, survival cases, first-aid cases - You name it, NANUK does it.  And they do it better than anyone else.

The only cases we use here at FortKnight Optics to protect our gear when it matters most.
Check them out at Nanuk.com

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