The Best Shooting Glasses & Tactical Eyewear for 2024

Protect your eyes to the best of your abilities at the range

As we move further into 2024, the gun community continues to grow and evolve, and tactical shooting eyewear continues to evolve and improve. From advanced lens technology to durable lightweight frames, the best tactical eyewear of 2024 offers both functionality and style. Shooting glasses are a vital accessory that should be in everyone's bag if you are someone who engages in shooting activities, whether you are practicing tactical training or just a casual range goer.


This type of eyewear provide eye protection, enhanced visual clarity, and improved accuracy. When it comes to shooting glasses - visual clarity and target identification are of utmost importance. A clear line of sight can mean the difference between a hit and a missed shot. The best tactical eyewear on the market not only protects your eyes from debris but also enhances your visual clarity and optical contrast for a more accurate shot and faster target acquisition both on and off the range.


In this article, we'll explore the list of the best shooting glasses for 2024 and break down the factors to consider when choosing the right pair.


Importance Of Visual Clarity When Shooting

best shooting glasses

Visual clarity is critical when it comes to shooting, whether in hunting, tactical operations, or day to day. A clear sight picture helps you aim accurately, identify targets quickly, and respond appropriately to changing circumstances. Shooting glasses featuring lenses by ZEISS feature precision lenses with up to 70% greater clarity to help you achieve better sight picture, and offer eye protection against debris, UV rays, and other hazards.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Shooting Glasses

When shopping for shooting glasses or tactical eyewear, several factors need to be considered. The most important factors include the following:

  1. Lens color and tint

Lens color and tint of your shooting glasses affect how well you can see in different lighting conditions. Clear lenses are ideal for indoor shooting ranges, while our lenses by ZEISS utilize groundbreaking polarization technology to provide up to 80% greater visual contrast for rapid target acquisition and clarity in low-light settings, without dimming electronic screens & illuminated reticles, or creating the common 'rainbow blur' when looking through glass.

  1. Lens material and durability

Shooting glasses should be made of durable materials that can withstand the rigors of shooting activities. Our lenses by ZEISS feature proprietary premium lens materials and coatings to provide high impact resistance, anti-fog capabilities and ultra-durable scratch resistance.

  1. Frame design and fit

Shooting glasses should fit comfortably and securely on your face. Being at the range or shooting sports can get sweaty, you could be moving around a lot, and that being said your shooting glasses should be secure. They should not interfere with your aim or your field of vision. Frames should be lightweight using composite materials, such as TR90, and the design should allow for optimal ventilation to prevent fogging.

  1. Additional Features of Shooting Glasses

Anti-fog coating, scratch resistance, and UV protection are additional features that should be considered when choosing shooting glasses. These features enhance the performance and durability of shooting glasses.


Top 3 Options for the Best Shooting glasses

In this section, we will take a closer look at the top 3 shooting glasses for greater visual clarity, precision target acquisition, and faster engagement, making you an absolute deadly shooter. We will highlight the features that make each pair particularly effective at enhancing clarity and improving shooting performance.


Let's take a look!

  1. 308 Free Range Sunglasses - FrontSight HD Lenses By ZEISS

The 308 Free Range Sunglasses by FortKnight Optics are a game-changer for shooting enthusiasts. These sunglasses are designed for those who won’t settle for less than the best. Utilizing our premium lenses by ZEISS to offer up to 80% greater visual contrast than standard eyewear. They are the perfect addition to your range bag and are made in small runs, ensuring you always have the latest technology at your fingertips.


Featuring exclusive FrontSight HD lenses by ZEISS, these sunglasses are designed to give you the clarity you need to identify threats, get on target faster, and get accurate hits downrange. These polarized lenses won’t dim electronics or illuminated reticles, ensuring you have a clear view of your target at all times. They also provide precision clarity in shooting optics without any rainbows when looking through your premium glass. With up to 80% higher visual contrast over standard polarization, you'll see targets faster and more clearly than ever before.


The FrontSight HD lenses by ZEISS are just the beginning of the 308 Free Range Sunglasses’ impressive features. These shooting glasses have lightweight polymer TR90 frames, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also have extreme scratch resistance, meaning you can take them with you on any mission without fear of damage. Anti-fog ventilation ensures that your vision remains crystal clear, even in the most humid conditions. Additionally, the glasses have premium ANSI Z87 impact protection for your eyes, ensuring your safety on the range or in the field.


The 308 Free Range Sunglasses are the best fit for small to medium/narrow face shapes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all wearers. They are the perfect addition to any tactical gear and are sure to become a staple in your range bag.  For those with large/wider face shapes, check out our 338 Free Range Sunglasses


 Price: $219.99


The 308 & 338 Free Range Sunglasses are an investment in your safety and accuracy. They offer the clarity and protection you need to succeed in any situation. Don’t settle for less than the best – order your pair today from our online marketplace.



        2. 308 Ballistic Clear - HD Lenses by ZEISS



Do you want to be the sharpest shooter on the range? Look no further than the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear. These shooting glasses are designed to give you a tactical advantage and help you take your shooting skills to the next level.


The lenses in these glasses are engineered to provide up to 70% greater visual clarity, giving you a clearer view of your targets and a distortion-free sight picture. Whether you're using spotting scopes, open sights, or firearm-mounted optics, these glasses will give you the edge you need to hit your mark.


The lightweight polymer frames of the 308 Ballistic Clear glasses are designed for all-day comfort and optimized for use with ear-pro. They are tough enough to withstand any activity while being light enough that you'll forget you're even wearing them. This means you can focus on your shooting without any discomfort or distraction.


Safety is a top priority when it comes to shooting, and the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear glasses are designed with this in mind. They feature ANSI-rated impact protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from any accidental impacts or flying debris. This is the pinnacle of safety and performance for shooting glasses, giving you peace of mind as you shoot.


In addition to their safety features, these glasses also feature ZEISS lens coatings for premium performance. These coatings are the same as those found in premium riflescopes and ensure you get the best anti-fog, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings. This means you can use these glasses in any weather conditions without worrying about fog or scratches affecting your vision.


So why should you choose the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear? For starters, they are designed specifically for shooters, giving you the tactical advantage you need on the range. They are also made with premium materials and engineering, ensuring they are tough enough to withstand any activity while being lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day.


Additionally, these glasses come in small runs, making them a unique and exclusive addition to your shooting gear. They are the perfect fit for small to medium/narrow face shapes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit that won't slip or slide during your shooting sessions.


The FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear is the perfect addition to your range bag. With their superior visual clarity, comfort, and safety features, you'll be able to take your shooting skills to the next level.


Price: $199.99


To purchase the 308 Ballistic Clear, click this link and add them to your cart. These glasses are available now and are sure to become a favorite in your shooting gear collection. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pair today and see the difference for yourself.


       3. 338 Ballistic Clear - HD Lenses by ZEISS




Are you tired of settling for subpar eyewear when you’re out on the range? Look no further than the 338 Ballistic Clear, now available right on our site!


These glasses were specifically designed with the tactical community in mind, and feature up to 70% greater optical clarity over standard eyewear. The exclusive Ballistic HD lenses by ZEISS give you precise optical clarity and eliminate distortion that other glasses on the market may introduce. When it comes to identifying threats, getting on target faster, and getting accurate hits downrange, clarity is essential.


The 338 Ballistic Clear glasses are the perfect addition to your range bag. They’re made in small runs, but we strive to keep them in stock whenever possible. With lightweight polymer frames, extreme scratch resistance, anti-fog ventilation, and premium ANSI Z87 impact protection for your eyes, these glasses are built to last. They’re also designed to fit medium-large face shapes, so you can be confident that they’ll stay securely in place while you’re on the move.


Why Should you Choose FortKnight Optics for Your Shooting Glasses?


  • Revolutionary Lens Technology

FortKnight Optics lenses by ZEISS are truly one-of-a-kind. The exclusive Ballistic HD & Free Range HD lenses by ZEISS give you unparalleled optical clarity, breakthrough polarization technology, and are optimized for the shooting sports so you can see every detail when you’re out on the range. The lightweight polymer frames are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the anti-fog ventilation ensures that your vision stays clear even when sweating.


  • Built for You

These glasses were designed with the tactical community in mind, but they’re useful for anyone who wants to improve their vision and accuracy when shooting. The extreme scratch resistance means that your glasses will look new even after heavy use, and the premium ANS impact protection ensures your eyes are always safe.


  • Small Run

Don’t wait until it’s too late to upgrade your eyewear. FortKnight Optics glasses are in high demand, and we only make them in small runs. Order now to ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive product.


  • Ultra-specific

Whether is the 308 or 338 model glasses - They are specifically designed to fit small-medium or medium-large face shapes. If you’ve struggled to find eyewear that fits your face comfortably in the past, these glasses are the solution you’ve been looking for.



Choosing shooting glasses that enhance visual clarity and optical contrast is important as they improve your shooting performance and protect your eyes from debris, UV rays, and other hazards. Therefore, we recommend the shooting glasses on this list for anyone seeking to improve their shooting performance.


If you're unsure if the products in this article are right for you, check out our customers’ reviews. We also encourage you to ask any questions you might have in our website chat. Our expert team would be readily available to reply.


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