Are Shooting Glasses Bulletproof?

Unraveling the Reality Behind the Bulletproof Claims of Shooting Glasses

Navigating the realm of shooting sports demands a keen focus on safety, particularly when it comes to eye protection. Whether you are hunting or trap shooting or you are someone who regularly completes tactical training, having the right protective gear is crucial. Shooting glasses should be a part of anyone’s gear checklist or be in their shooting bag at all times, as they are an absolute necessity for trips to the range, tactical training, or other shooting sports. Amid the quest for the ultimate safeguard, a common question lingers: Are shooting glasses genuinely bulletproof? They claim to offer protection to the eyes from debris, shell casings, and other things that may hit you in the eye. However, will shooting glasses offer protection from actual bullets?

This article aims to dissect the intricacies of shooting glasses, explore the concept of bulletproof eyewear, and equip enthusiasts with a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing eye safety in shooting activities.

Demystifying Shooting Glasses

are shooting glasses bulletproof

Shooting glasses, also known as tactical eyewear, are designed with precision for firearms enthusiasts as well as military and law enforcement. These pieces of equipment stand as indispensable guardians against flying debris, dust, and potential hazards associated with shooting. Crafted from robust materials, most notably polycarbonate, these glasses boast impact-resistant qualities, offering reliable protection against high-speed projectiles and fragments encountered in shooting scenarios.

Dispelling Bulletproof Illusions

It's essential to dispel the misconception surrounding the term "bulletproof" concerning shooting glasses. Unlike the multi-layered laminated glass and polycarbonate constructions found in traditional bulletproof glass for military or security applications, shooting glasses are not engineered to stop direct hits from bullets like a plate carrier or other form of body armor would. Instead, their primary function is to mitigate the risk of eye injuries resulting from fragments, shell casings, or ricochets during shooting activities.

Essential Features of Effective Shooting Glasses

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Though they more than likely are not going to be bulletproof, what should you look for with a good pair of shooting glasses? 

Material Expertise: Opt for shooting glasses constructed from high-grade materials like polycarbonate, balancing impact resistance with optical clarity. You also do not want a pair of shooting glasses that are too heavy, nor too loose, as you can be moving around quite a bit if you are shooting, and having your eye protection fall off or be uncomfortable is going to cause issues.

Total Protection: Another thing to look for with shooting glasses is total protection, meaning that you don’t want them to be too small that they leave part of your eyes exposed to possible threats. You can opt for wraparound design of shooting glasses that enhances peripheral protection, minimizing the chances of debris intrusion from various angles, or just get a pair that has big enough lenses to cover your eyes. 

Adherence to Standards: Prioritize shooting glasses that meet or exceed the safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z87.1), ensuring a dependable level of protection.

Anti-Fog: Having shooting glasses that fog up is less than ideal. That said, finding a pair of shooting glasses with anti-fog features is crucial.

Practical Guidelines for Optimal Tactical Eyewear

There are a few things to look at that optimal tactical eyewear will have. Let’s explore that.

Lens Customization: Choose lenses tailored to specific shooting conditions; clear lenses excel in low-light settings, like night time shoots when you are outside, or indoor shooting, while tinted counterparts offer glare reduction in bright environments such as outdoor shooting.

Regular Maintenance Rituals: Ensure the longevity of your shooting glasses by keeping them clean and free from scratches, preserving both clarity and protection.

Comfort-Centric Choices: Opt for glasses offering a comfortable fit, promoting prolonged usage without sacrificing safety or causing discomfort during extended shooting sessions. The last thing you want is to be on the range and feel uncomfortable with your eyewear, this can be a distraction and cause you to lose accuracy as well as just not having a good time!

The Best Shooting Glasses

We wouldn’t tell you all about the different specifications of shooting glasses, what to look for, and all that without telling you what exactly our top choice is. Let’s take a look at the best shooting glasses on the market.


best shooting glasses

You can say that we are biased, but when it comes to finding the best tactical eyewear, look no further than the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear Glasses. These top notch shooting glasses are designed to give you a tactical advantage and help you take your shooting skills to the next level (plus they look pretty stylish).

These shooting glasses contain lenses that are designed to give you up to 70% greater visual clarity, no matter what type of environment you are in, you are able to get a clear visual on your target without the worry of distortion or any other interference. You also do not have to worry about what you are looking through, as these shooting glasses are fine if you're using spotting scopes, iron sights, or firearm-mounted optics. They are designed to give you the edge you need to hit your target.

The 308 Ballistic Clear glasses are made of lightweight polymer, so they are comfortable, light, and will not cause you any distractions. They also are snug enough to not fall off, but not too tight to the point where you will be uncomfortable. That being said, they are designed for all-day comfort and optimized for use with any type of ear-pro, whether that is over ear or not. It is also worth mentioning that even though they are lightweight, these shooting glasses are tough enough to withstand any activity.

The FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear shooting glasses are also made with safety in mind, as this is a key part of the design. Safety is a priority of any shooter, as it should be, and you only get one set of eyes, so eye protection is a key part of shooting safety. These shooting glasses feature ANSI-rated impact protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from any accidental impacts or flying debris, like shell casings. Or, if you are in combat survival situation and a bullet were to strike next to you, sending debris towards you. These are the pinnacle of safety and performance for shooting glasses, giving you peace of mind as you shoot.

Aside from all of the features listed above, these shooting glasses feature ZEISS lens coatings for premium performance. These same coatings are the same as those found in premium rifle scopes. They are crafted to ensure that you get the best anti-fog, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings, meaning you can use these shooting glasses no matter the environmental condition that you are in.

More Options

While the .308 Ballistic Clear glasses are our favorite option, there are other shooting glasses to choose from right on FortKnight Optics’ website. You can choose from tactical sunglasses, or other sizing options, such as the 338 Ballistic Shooting Glasses.


In the pursuit of fortified eye safety on the shooting range, understanding the nuanced strengths and limitations of shooting glasses is paramount. While shooting glasses may not be bulletproof in the conventional sense, their strategic design and adherence to safety standards empower enthusiasts to make informed decisions about their eye protection gear. By embracing features such as impact resistance, wraparound designs, and compliance with safety benchmarks, individuals can embark on a safer shooting journey, confident in their ability to mitigate risks without compromising comfort, clarity, or performance.

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