Why Are Shooting Glasses Important?

Don’t get caught on the range without proper eyewear, here's why.

Shooting sports have gained immense popularity, attracting enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Not only that, but tactical training has become more and more popular amongst civilians, meaning that people are spending more time at the range. Whether it's target shooting, hunting, or competitive events, marksmanship requires a unique set of skills as well as equipment. Among the essential gear, shooting glasses, also known as tactical eyewear, stands out as a crucial component for ensuring both safety and performance. 

In this article, we delve into the reasons why shooting eyewear is necessary for different scenarios, highlighting its role in protecting vision and enhancing the overall shooting experience.

What Are Shooting Glasses for?

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The first thing to discuss is what exactly shooting glasses and tactical eyewear are for. Well, the primary purpose of shooting eyewear is to safeguard the eyes from potential hazards associated with shooting activities. Firearms can possibly produce intense recoil, ejecting hot gasses, debris, and spent casings, which can pose a threat to unprotected eyes. If you are someone who wears contact lenses, shooting glasses are absolutely essential for you to protect your eyes, as getting something in your contact lenses could completely throw off your accuracy. 

Quality shooting glasses are designed to provide a barrier against these elements, preventing injuries that may occur due to accidental discharges, firearm malfunctions, or debris kicked up during outdoor shooting.

Standout Features of Shooting Glasses

Now, many people think that shooting glasses are just designed to keep your eyes safe from the shell casings or other debris. While they definitely do help with that, let’s take a look at the specific features that tactical eyewear helps with.

Impact Resistance

Shooting eyewear is specifically engineered to withstand high-velocity impacts, a critical feature for ensuring the safety of the wearer. While shooting glasses are not necessarily bulletproof, if a bullet strikes next to you the fragments can hit your eye and blind you, which tactical eyewear would help protect you from. Aside from that, shell casings, or other projectiles can potentially cause severe eye injuries if the eyes are left unprotected, making shooting glasses an essential piece of equipment to carry with you. Modern shooting glasses are constructed with durable materials, such as polycarbonate, which provides excellent impact resistance without compromising clarity or comfort.

UV Protection

Outdoor shooting activities often expose participants to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can contribute to eye damage, including cataracts and other vision-related issues. Many shooting glasses are equipped with UV protection, shielding the eyes from these harmful rays and reducing the risk of long-term damage.

Enhanced Contrast and Clarity

Quality shooting eyewear comes with specialized lens coatings and tints designed to improve contrast and clarity in various lighting conditions. This enhancement can be particularly beneficial for marksmen, allowing them to distinguish targets more easily and acquire a clearer sight picture. This can be the difference between life and death, completing the mission or failing it, or just outshooting your friends at the range. Whether shooting in bright sunlight or low-light conditions, the right shooting glasses can optimize visual performance.

Reduced Glare and Distractions

Glare from the sun or reflective surfaces can be distracting and hinder a shooter's ability to focus on the target. Shooting eyewear often features anti-glare coatings or polarized lenses that help reduce reflections, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view. This feature is especially valuable for hunters and competitive shooters who may encounter varying light conditions during their activities.

Our Top Choice of Shooting Glasses

Now, we wouldn’t tell you all of the benefits of shooting glasses without diving into the specifics of what our top choice is. Let’s take a look at the best shooting glasses on the market.

308 Ballistic Clear- HD Lenses by ZEISS

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Call us biased, but when it comes to finding the best tactical eyewear, look no further than the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear. These shooting glasses are designed to give you a tactical advantage and help you take your shooting skills to the next level. Let’s take a look.

Product Specs

These glasses contain lenses that are designed to give you up to 70% greater visual clarity, so you have a clearer view of your targets and a distortion-free sight picture no matter the environment. Whether you're using spotting scopes, iron sights, or firearm-mounted optics, these glasses will give you the edge you need to hit your mark.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the 308 Ballistic Clear glasses are made of lightweight polymer, meaning they are designed for all-day comfort and optimized for use with any type of ear-pro. Although they are lightweight, these shooting glasses are tough enough to withstand any activity and you do not have to worry about them falling off or being uncomfortable, so you can shoot without distraction. 

Aside from the durability specs of the FortKnight Optics .308 Ballistic Clear shooting glasses, safety is a key part of the design. Safety is a top priority when it comes to shooting, and tactical eyewear is definitely a part of the safety checklist. These shooting glasses feature ANSI-rated impact protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from any accidental impacts or flying debris, like shell casings or if you are in combat and a bullet were to strike next to you, sending debris towards you. These are the pinnacle of safety and performance for shooting glasses, giving you peace of mind as you shoot.

Aside from their safety features, these glasses also feature ZEISS lens coatings for premium performance. These same coatings are the same as those found in premium rifle scopes. They are crafted to ensure that you get the best anti-fog, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings, meaning you can use these shooting glasses no matter the environmental condition that you are in.

Why Use Them?

So why should you choose the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear? Well, they are designed by shooters, specifically for shooters. That being said, they are made to give you the tactical advantage you need on the range, or the battlefield. They are also made with premium materials and engineering, ensuring they are tough enough to withstand any activity while being lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day.

These shooting glasses are also not mass produced, they only come in small runs, making them a unique and exclusive addition to your shooting gear to take your shooting skills to the next level. 

Price: $199.99

To purchase the 308 Ballistic Clear, click this link and add them to your cart. These glasses are available now and are sure to become a favorite in your shooting gear collection. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pair today and see the difference for yourself.

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Investing in quality shooting eyewear is a prudent decision for anyone engaged in shooting sports. Beyond mere fashion accessories, these specialized glasses play a crucial role in protecting the eyes from potential hazards, enhancing visual performance, and ensuring a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience. By prioritizing eye safety and taking advantage of technological advancements in eyewear design, marksmen can not only protect their vision but also optimize their accuracy and overall performance on the shooting range or in the field.

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