Why You Should not Buy Cheap Shooting Glasses

Never go cheap on protective gear

When it comes to shooting sports and activities like hunting and trap shooting, or tactical training and just regular trips to the gun range, protection is always something that is needed. You do not want to ever short yourself when it comes to protecting yourself, as that can just lead to mishaps and injuries, or even death. That being said, one crucial piece of protective gear that should always be a part of your range bag, is a good pair of shooting glasses. Now this can be either regular shooting glasses or sunglasses, but some form of eyewear should be in your bag at all times. 

Shooting glasses are not bulletproof, so you can’t expect to get shot directly in the eyes and it keeps you safe, but instead they are impact resistant to keep out the unwanted things in your eyes. This can include fragments, dirt, shell casings, or any other unwanted things that you may come across when you are on the range.

However, many people head over to their local sporting goods store and pick up a basic pair of sunglasses or those five dollar protective glasses, that are more designed for protecting your eyes from grass clippings while you are mowing the lawn. That being said, if you are spending the money on quality firearms, attachments such as optics, and the ammo, why would you short yourself on protective gear? 

Let’s take a look at the reasons to purchase quality tactical eyewear. 

Better Protection Quality

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Higher quality shooting glasses will undoubtedly offer you a higher quality of protection. When you are shooting, whether you are on the range or in actual combat survival situations, there are going to be things that pose a risk to your eyes. You only get one set of eyes, so keeping them protected with quality eyewear is essential.

Being on the range, especially an outdoor range, puts you at risk of the elements, shell casings, and bullet fragments. High quality shooting glasses will keep your protected from these threats, so you can stay on target and make sure that you get the job done.

Enhanced Visibility

Clarity is of the utmost importance on the gun range, whether you are in close quarters or shooting at a distance. The last thing you want is to misidentify a target and then have there be some mishap. On an outdoor range, you also have the issue of glare and UV rays beating down on you, getting in your eyes, and preventing you from hitting your shot. 

This is where a quality pair of shooting glasses comes into play, and in this case sunglasses could be the way to go. A solid pair of tactical sunglasses would help protect your eyes from the glare and UV rays, as well as provide you the protection that you need so you do not have to worry about any issues there. 

The Top Shooting Glasses to Invest in

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Just like any other piece of gear on your kit, shooting glasses are an investment. You are making the choice to put money into something that can keep you safe, that is an investment. 

That being said, FortKnight Optics offers the top shooting glasses on the market, whether you are looking for sunglasses or regular shooting glasses. Let’s take a look at some of the specs of the shooting glasses that you can get from FortKnight Optics. 

  • Sharper, Clearer Vision with HD Lenses by ZEISS: Zeiss is a leading manufacturer of lenses for different things such as cameras, optics, and in this case, glasses. With choosing shooting glasses from FortKnight Optics, you are able to experience a game-changing 70% increase in optical clarity. Made Ballistic HD lenses by ZEISS enhance every detail and eliminate distortion, giving you a tactical advantage. Perfect for sharpshooters who demand precision.
  • Quicker Target Acquisition: In critical moments, every second matters. Piggybacking off of the point about clarity, shooting glasses from FortKnight Optics can help you to identify threats fast, keeping you prepared to protect your home and community.
  • No More Fog, Just Focus: When you are on the range, your shooting glasses fogging up can be a major issue. This can be for a variety of reasons such as sweat, or a change in climate, which is where FortKnight Optics yet again excels. Say goodbye to foggy interruptions, as these glasses stay clear in any situation, thanks to advanced anti-fog technology courtesy of ZEISS. 
  • Comfort: Shooting glasses from FortKnight Optics are light enough for all-day wear, helping you sharpen your skills without distraction. Despite being light enough for all day wear, they are still durable and snug enough to not feel as though they need to be adjusted every few minutes.
  • Trusted Impact Protection: Rest assured with the highest safety standards. These shooting glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ requirements, ensuring your eyes are protected under all circumstances (no they are not bulletproof)
  • Tailored for the Perfect Shot:  Designed for small to medium face shapes, our glasses offer a snug fit, even under ear protection. Stay focused so you can concentrate on shooting without distraction.
  • Step Up as a Guardian: Choose the shooting glasses preferred by the elite. The HD lenses by ZEISS are not just about clarity – they're about excellence in your role as a protector. Limited availability – order now and secure your edge in tactical preparedness.

FortKnight Optics Shooting Glasses are Not Always Available

Shooting Glasses from FortKnight Optics are a Must-Have for your gear checklist. They are not always available, as FortKnight Optics makes them in limited production, these glasses are an exclusive addition to your “bug-out” or range bag. Be more than ready with these glasses, – be equipped for any scenario.

How Much are FortKnight Optics Glasses?

These glasses will range between $200 and $220.

Wrap Up

Overall, good shooting glasses are an essential piece of gear that you should not short yourself on. Take a look at all of the things you spend money on to go to the range, are you really willing to be cheap when it comes to your protection? 

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