Best Prescription Shooting Glasses: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Pick the Right Prescription Shooting Glasses for You

Whether you enjoy hunting, trap shooting, or just hitting the shooting range, shooting can be a fun and exhilarating activity. However, it can also be extremely dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. One small error can lead to serious injuries, making it crucial to prioritize things such as eye protection while shooting. That being said, if you are someone who wears prescription glasses, do you have to throw shooting glasses over your regular glasses? Or can you get prescription shooting glasses?

Well, thanks to FortKnight Optics, you can absolutely get prescription shooting glasses, so you can enjoy shooting accurately and having clear vision at all times while you are on the range, all without the hassle of throwing your shooting glasses over your actual glasses.

FortKnight Optics understands the importance of providing high-quality prescription shooting glasses that not only protect your eyes but also enhance your shooting experience. The prices are competitive, and the customer service is top-notch, ensuring that you have a seamless shopping experience when choosing your prescription shooting glasses.

Let’s dive in.

Prescription Shooting Glasses Key Takeaways

prescription shooting glasses
  • Prescription shooting glasses provide essential eye protection and optical clarity for shooters.
  • Understanding the importance of prescription shooting glasses and the key differences between regular glasses and shooting glasses is crucial.
  • Consulting with an optometrist and bringing the necessary prescription information is important when preparing for your first pair of prescription shooting glasses.
  • A beginner's guide to choosing prescription shooting glasses involves identifying the right lens material, selecting lens tints and coatings, understanding frame designs, and considering additional features.
  • Safety standards and certifications, such as ANSI Z87.1 ensure that prescription shooting glasses meet the necessary requirements for impact resistance and ballistic protection (they are not bulletproof though)
  • Caring for your prescription shooting glasses involves routine maintenance and proper cleaning and storage practices.

Understanding Prescription Shooting Glasses

Prescription shooting glasses are crucial for eye protection in shooting environments. These specialized glasses offer ballistic protection and optical clarity. Different from regular glasses, shooting glasses not only help you see clearly so you can stay accurate, but also adhere to stringent safety standards like ANSI Z87.1. 

The Importance of Prescription Shooting Glasses for Shooters

Prescription shooting glasses play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and performance of shooters. With features like ballistic protection and optical clarity, these glasses provide essential eye protection against potential hazards on the shooting range. By meeting stringent safety standards, they offer peace of mind to shooters facing high-velocity impacts and bright light conditions. Choosing the best prescription shooting glasses tailored to individual needs enhances not only safety but also the overall shooting experience.

Key Differences Between Regular Glasses and Shooting Glasses

Regular glasses are primarily for vision correction, while shooting glasses provide ballistic protection in high-risk environments like shooting ranges. Shooting glasses meet stringent safety standards like ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-31013 for impact resistance. They excel in lighting conditions, adjusting lens colors for optimal vision clarity. Unlike regular glasses, shooting glasses offer interchangeable lenses and advanced features like UV protection and anti-fog, ensuring the highest level of eye protection in bright conditions.

Preparing for Your First Pair of Prescription Shooting Glasses

best prescription shooting glasses

Assess your vision needs with an optometrist to determine the best prescription. Bring your prescription documents for accuracy. Prepare for optimal fit and protection with the right lens material, tints, coatings, and frame design. Consider additional features like UV protection, polarization, and anti-fog for enhanced performance and safety.

Assessing Your Vision Needs: Consultation with an Optometrist

Before selecting the best prescription shooting glasses, schedule a consultation with an optometrist. This ensures your eyewear meets your specific visual requirements, considering factors like prescription strength and any specialized needs. Optometrists assess your eyesight for near or farsightedness, astigmatism, and other conditions that affect vision clarity, crucial for tailored eye protection. By understanding your unique vision profile, the optometrist guides you towards the most suitable lens options and features that enhance both safety and visual acuity.

Knowing Your Prescription: Bringing the Right Documents

When selecting your prescription shooting glasses, it's essential to make sure you have the correct documents to ensure accuracy. Have your latest prescription from an eye exam handy, detailing your specific visual needs. Remember to provide your optometrist's phone number in case verification is needed. Additionally, if you wear progressive lenses or have astigmatism, inform the optician to tailor the glasses suitably. These documents guarantee that your prescription shooting glasses will be customized precisely to your vision requirements.

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Prescription Shooting Glasses

Step into the world of prescription shooting glasses with confidence by following these key tips. 

Step 1: Identifying the Right Lens Material for Durability and Clarity

When selecting prescription shooting glasses, prioritizing lens material is crucial for durability and clarity. 

Step 2: Understanding Frame Designs for Optimal Fit and Protection

When selecting prescription shooting glasses, understanding frame designs is crucial. Optimal fit and protection are key considerations. Look for frames that offer a comfortable yet secure fit for extended wear at the shooting range. Goggles are popular, but may not be the best choice.

Step 3: Considering Additional Features: UV Protection, Polarization, and Anti-fog

When selecting prescription shooting glasses, consider added features like UV protection to shield from harmful rays, polarization to reduce glare and enhance visual clarity, and anti-fog properties for clear vision in various conditions. These features enhance safety and performance, especially beneficial in changing light conditions on the shooting range. Prioritize glasses with these attributes to ensure optimal eye protection and visual acuity during your shooting activities.

Safety Standards and Certifications

ANSI Z87.1 Certification is vital for prescription shooting glasses, ensuring they meet safety standards. Complying with these certifications assures impact resistance and shields against potential hazards. Adhering to safety ratings like ANSI ensures your eyewear offers the highest level of protection. For quality assurance, look for safety glasses that meet these stringent standards.

ANSI Z87.1 Certification: What Does It Mean?

ANSI Z87.1 certification ensures that prescription shooting glasses meet high impact standards for eye protection. It signifies the lenses and frames can withstand impacts from debris during shooting activities, safeguarding your eyes. Understanding this certification is crucial for choosing reliable protective eyewear.

Frame Technology and Comfort

shooting glasses

Prescription shooting glasses offer advanced frame technology for optimal comfort and performance. Wraparound frames enhance peripheral vision, crucial for tracking moving targets. Adjustable features like nose pads and temples ensure a custom fit, promoting comfort during extended wear at the shooting range. This technology improves the overall shooting experience by providing a secure and stable fit for your prescription eyewear.

Caring for Your Prescription Shooting Glasses

Routine maintenance for your prescription shooting glasses is crucial for longevity. To extend their life, regularly clean and store them properly. When not in use, keep them in a protective case to prevent scratches. Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lenses and avoid harsh chemicals that may damage lens coatings. Following these simple care practices will ensure your eyewear stays in top condition for a clear vision every time you need it.

Routine Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Glasses

To ensure your best prescription shooting glasses last, follow these maintenance tips. Regularly clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. Store them in a protective case to avoid damage. Avoid placing them face down to prevent lens scratches. Check and tighten any loose screws to maintain frame integrity. Keep your glasses away from extreme heat or cold. By following these simple steps, you can extend the lifespan of your eyewear and maintain optimal vision quality.

The Best Practices for Cleaning and Storing Your Glasses

Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean your lenses, avoiding abrasive materials that could scratch them. Store your prescription shooting glasses in a protective case when not in use to prevent damage or misplacement. Avoid leaving them in extreme heat or direct sunlight, as this can harm the lens coatings. Regularly check and tighten any loose screws on the frames to maintain their integrity. Implementing these simple practices will help extend the lifespan of your glasses and keep them in top condition.

The Best Prescription Shooting Glasses

We wouldn’t discuss prescription shooting glasses without providing you with the best option! That being said, the 308 Clear Ballistic Glasses from FortKnight Optics are the best option for your prescription shooting glasses, let’s take a look at why.

FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear Glasses

308 prescription shooting glasses

Maybe we have a bit of bias, but when it comes to finding the best tactical eyewear, look no further than the FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear Glasses. These top notch shooting glasses are designed to give you a tactical advantage and help you take your shooting skills to the next level. Not to mention, they look like regular glasses as well, so when you inevitably forget to take them off when you leave the range, you won’t look too bad!


These shooting glasses contain lenses that are designed to give you up to 70% greater visual clarity, no matter what type of environment you are in, you are able to get a clear visual on your target without the worry of distortion or any other interference. You also do not have to worry about what you are looking through, as these shooting glasses are fine if you're using spotting scopes, iron sights, or firearm-mounted optics. They are designed to give you the edge you need to hit your target.


The 308 Ballistic Clear glasses are made of lightweight polymer, so they are comfortable, light, and will not cause you any distractions. They also are snug enough to not fall off, but not too tight to the point where you will be uncomfortable. That being said, they are designed for all-day comfort and optimized for use with any type of ear-pro, whether that is over ear or not. It is also worth mentioning that even though they are lightweight, these shooting glasses are tough enough to withstand any activity.

The FortKnight Optics 308 Ballistic Clear shooting glasses are also made with safety in mind, as this is a key part of the design. Safety is a priority of any shooter, as it should be, and you only get one set of eyes, so eye protection is a key part of shooting safety. These shooting glasses feature ANSI-rated impact protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from any accidental impacts or flying debris, like shell casings. Or, if you are in combat survival situation and a bullet were to strike next to you, sending debris towards you. These are the pinnacle of safety and performance for shooting glasses, giving you peace of mind as you shoot.

Aside from all of the features listed above, these shooting glasses feature ZEISS lens coatings for premium performance. These same coatings are the same as those found in premium rifle scopes. They are crafted to ensure that you get the best anti-fog, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic/oleophobic durable coatings, meaning you can use these shooting glasses no matter the environmental condition that you are in.


prescription shooting glasses

The best part of these shooting glasses is that ForKnight Optics now has the option to ship them to you with YOUR prescription! All you have to do is upload your prescription, email it, or manually enter it, and then you are good to go. These will be your prescription shooting glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can prescription shooting glasses improve my accuracy?

By enhancing visual clarity and protecting your eyes from debris, prescription shooting glasses can indeed improve your accuracy by providing a clear line of sight and reducing distractions. Choosing the right lens material, tint, and frame design tailored to your needs can optimize your shooting performance.

How often should I replace my prescription shooting glasses?

To ensure optimal eye protection and clear vision, replace your prescription shooting glasses every 1-2 years or as recommended by your optometrist. Regular replacement helps maintain lens quality and keeps up with any changes in your eyesight.

Are there prescription shooting glasses for bifocal or multifocal wearers?

Yes, there are prescription shooting glasses available for bifocal or multifocal wearers. These specialized glasses cater to different vision needs, offering clarity for near and distant targets. They ensure shooters can focus effectively on their aim with the right prescription lenses.

Prescription Shooting Glasses Conclusion

Prescription shooting glasses are crucial for optimizing your vision and safety during shooting activities. Understanding the differences between regular eyewear and shooting glasses is key in selecting the right pair. Consult with an optometrist to assess your vision needs and ensure you have the correct prescription documentation, then head right to FortKnight Optics to upload your prescription and place your order, so you can have the best prescription shooting glasses!

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